Painting pottery is a great stress reliever!  No appointment is necessary to come in and paint pottery.  We offer many different bisque pieces for you to paint.  Click to check out our Pinterest Page and our Gallery for ideas on how to create your next masterpiece!

How It Works!

painting pottery girl
I love to paint pottery!

Step 1: Select a Piece of Bisque to Paint 
Choose a piece or two to paint.  Our shelves are loaded with great pottery just waiting for you to add color and make them come alive.  Each piece varies in price from $10 to $80.00. We do NOT have a studio fee!  The cost of your pottery also covers the cost of our glazes, stencils, sponges, decorating supplies, and the firing of your piece.  Just add tax.  We do offer some exciting “Specialty Glazes” you may choose to use.  Since they are “special” there is a nominal fee to use them.  Check out our Pinterest Page for some great painting ideas!


select your paint
I am ready to pick out my paint!


Step 2: Pick your Paints and Create

This is the fun part! Design your piece usingour inspiration books or your own ideas. We supply all the paints, stamps, stencils, and other materials you need to create your own masterpiece!


dipping pic
We dip your pottery piece to ensure it is shiny and food safe.


Step 3: We Dip and Fire your Piece(s)
Once you have finished painting we will glaze your item(s) and fire them in our kiln.



Love it!

Step 4:  You pick up your masterpiece!

Your piece(s) will be available for pick up in 7-10 days. We offer a courtesy call to all our customers.  If you do not receive a call, please check your answering machine to see if it is full!



Not sure how to design your pottery/bisque piece?  You may use a regular pencil or watercolor marker to draw your design on your piece.  We also carry carbon paper which you can use to “copy” a design from a picture.   All pencil marks will burn off ceramic bisque during firing.

How much paint should I use?  Use one coat for translucent, two for semi opaque, or three coats for opaque.  Make sure to wash and dry your brushes before change paint.  When painting, work on your lighter colors first, and then use your darker paints.  Light colors do not show up well on dark colors.  Plan accordingly!

Happy painting!  And as always, you can find all the ceramic bisque you need right here in our studio! Let us know if you are looking for something special.  We can always special order pottery with enough advance notice!