Glass Fusing

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Designing glass projects makes me happy!
Having fun with friends and family!
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Use the running pliers to break the glass after it has been “scored”.
This project has not been fired.
Even kids can make this piece!
A “slumped” glass bowl.
These plates make great glass serving platters
blue circle
blue flowers
red bowls

Glass projects are assembled by stacking glass pieces in layers.

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The bottom layer is often a single glass circle or square, called a “Base.” We place other glass pieces on top of this to create a design that covers the entire Base fairly evenly. (In fusing, a 2-layer design ensures a state of equilibrium during the firing process that results in a more stable finished piece.) Some detail or accents can be added in a third layer. IMPORTANT: Each layer adds thickness to the finished project.The most successful projects are built with a fairly uniform thickness of at least 2 layers.

slumped glass2

Love your project and want to make it take shape?  Perfect!  We can “slump” your piece in a mold that will give your glass shape.  “Slumping” requires us to put it back into the kiln.  There is a nominal cost for us to slump your piece.  We have a few choices of “molds” available to you.  When we put your glass on the mold, and put in back into the kiln, it will slump (or melt) into the mold and take on that shape.  Check out our samples at the studio and select which mold you love best!  Look at the back of the glass samples on display to see the “mold number” and let our staff know you would like to use that mold.